the greatest choice concentrated in a small space has arrived

There is a great debut in the market. The debut of a collection that confirms KLARCO’s mission: designing something that did not exist, to satisfy professional needs that are very real. Planning for the future, to provide innovative solutions right now. This is exactly the concept that has given rise to SHRINK: making the technological future the present. Indeed, SHRINK expands the range of options as never before.
By freely combining the various options of 6 colours, 6 faucets and 3 heights, hundreds of different solutions are possible, designed specifically for small spaces.
The three available measurements - 60, 70 and 80 centimetres - are an unprecedented innovation in professional faucets, which optimises all spatial parameters, from installation to the work of those who seek to achieve the best performance in their day-to-day activities. And this innovation is doubly versatile, as the pre-rinse unit is installed with no wall mount. It is supplied fully pre-assembled, which means that it can be deployed more easily in every sense - speed, comfort and practicality. Versatility that continues in the stainless steel support hose with a faucet that can be rotated 360 degrees and has no limitations on its movement. And versatility also lies in its aesthetic originality.

Blue, white, grey, black, ochre and green modernise faucets by changing their appearance. Colours express our conviction that aesthetics also plays a role, a visual one: making the places where we spend many hours more beautiful and more in tune with people’s tastes and lifestyles.