klarco news

A new website that is more complete, easier to broswe and graphically more consistent with our identity

You are visiting it right now. It is our new website. As you continue browsing, you will see that it has changed a lot compared to the previous one.

It is new in terms of the architecture, i.e. the structuring of the content, which has been completely revised for a better user experience. It is new in terms of the relevance of the content itself, which now provides more comprehensive and distinctive information about the “who”, the “what” and the “how” of Klarco, giving broad space to both our products and our approach to the needs of the sectors we serve. It is new in terms of graphics, developed in the name of extreme formal cleanliness, placing essentiality at the service of the best possible use of texts and images. It is new for a lot of reasons, all to be discovered.