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100% Made in Klarco

Klarco has been designing and manufacturing faucets, pre-rinse units, hose reels and accessories for professional kitchens and the food industry since 1985. Now part of the American T&S Brass and Bronze Works, it is one of the strongest and most established companies in the industry in Italy and many other countries. Backed by almost 40 years of experience and commitment to innovation, our products are universally recognised for being durable and reliable and for combining the search for excellent quality with the ongoing expansion of the range, in line with the new fields of application and specific demands of the industry professionals.
Klarco | Experience and innovation at the service of products 100% Made in Klarco
Klarco | Experience and innovation at the service of products 100% Made in Klarco
Klarco | Experience and innovation at the service of products 100% Made in Klarco
Klarco | Experience and innovation at the service of products 100% Made in Klarco
All our products are fully Made in Klarco. The whole manufacturing cycle takes place in our plants covering 7,000 square metres. Everything is managed in-house from design to engineering, manufacturing, testing and packaging, using the most advanced technologies and methodologies at every stage.

Moreover, our company is located in the heart of north-eastern Italy. This area is a thriving industrial district, a driver for the economy and is strategically positioned with respect to the main European markets where our products - as in many other parts of the world - enjoy an excellent reputation.

Our mission

To pursue virtuous development and take care of customers by providing them with the best products available on the market, made with selected and certified materials to ensure top hygiene and safety. To manage the company profitably for the benefit of stakeholders, employees, customers and the environment with a management style based on the design, maintenance and implementation of an Integrated Quality, Safety and Environment Management System (ISO).

Our vision

To provide high quality solutions to the catering industry and the HORECA sector by providing fully traceable and certified products, with advisory and technical support services that can make the difference.

Klarco infour importantdates


Klarco was founded as Ki-Klarco International S.r.l., a company trading in professional kitchen fittings and plumbing components. The company was soon rewarded by results thanks to its founder, who put his 14 years of experience as Purchasing Director and Plant Manager of Zanussi Professional - leader in the professional catering equipment sector - at the service of a new and exciting entrepreneurial adventure.


Despite the global economic crisis, Klarco, making a far-sighted decision, decided to invest in new technology, specifically in a galvanic nickel-chroming plant. It thus became the first manufacturer of professional faucets to adopt trivalent chrome plating, an environmentally friendly coating process that gives the metal excellent aesthetics and great resistance to corrosion.


Klarco is acquired by the US-based T&S Brass and Bronze Works. Founded on the sharing of the same values, first and foremost family management and attention to innovation, the partnership offered the company new opportunities for growth, without affecting its autonomy and leaving its territorial roots intact, as demonstrated by the fact that it continues to carry out all its managerial activities and manufacture in Pordenone.


Klarco invests resources to improve its systems in order to guarantee its customers quality products made using advanced technological processes. 2021 is also the year in which it achieves important certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and the DVGW HYGIENE.