the best of quality, transformed into a classic

EUROP combines the highest quality materials, performance and aesthetics. So much so that it is now a line of faucets that is beyond unique: it is an authentic classic for those who seek the absolute best in style, technology and performance.
And becoming a classic is no accident. First it is necessary to pass the test of time, as well as of users. Only then can a product be recognised as a technological must.
All of the materials used are carefully selected based on a specific objective, that of achieving a "dual" maximum: maximum durability and maximum water quality. The design is based on an extremely elegant look, with forms that have been recognised as an aesthetic model. A continuously modern classic. Europ is the fruit of many years of continuous refinement.
Because KLARCO technology is the precise result of uninterrupted progress.

EUROP Single-Hole Faucet with 360° turn handle
EUROP Monocommand Mixing Faucet with sanitary lever
EUROP GIG Monobloc Pot Filler on riser h 300mm., "U" shape double spout 25x300 + 25x300
EUROP Bench Mount Double-Hole Faucet with inclined 360° turn handle
Wall-Mounted Biforo Mix with short chrome-plated lever
EUROP Pre-Rinse Unit with Add-On Tap on Single-Hole Faucet
EUROP Pre-Rinse Unit on Bench-Mounted Faucet with switch-handle
EUROP Pre-Rinse Unit on Wall-Mounted faucet with switch handle