KLARCO is professional faucets for kitchens. Unique, multiply unique. Unique due to our 30 years of history of passion and commitment. A background of experience and culture which, three decades strong, translates into exclusive know-how. This means that our technologies are designed based on deep-seated knowledge. Unique due to our continuous innovation. Because Klarco’s mission is to push faucets toward unprecedented solutions, to bring to life performance that did not exist before.
This is what happened with inventions such as the Two-Hole Mix (the first two-hole faucet with a sanitary lever), the MINIReel (the first retractable hose reel spray unit for professional ovens) and the New spray gun, the most imitated in the industry. Unique due to the versatility and breadth of our product range. KLARCO has profound knowledge of professional needs linked to water. And it knows that these needs are extremely varied, because kitchens and food processing workplaces are just as varied. This is why KLARCO diversifies its models to the greatest degree, creating the most eclectic range of faucets possible. The SHRINK line, which expands the range of options as never before, is the epitome of this eclecticism.
By freely combining the various options of 6 colours, 6 faucets and 3 heights, the faucet multiplies into hundreds of different solutions. KLARCO is also unique due to its quality and design.
The entire development and production cycle is carried out internally, which ensures company control over each and every element and phase, from design to the manufacturing itself. In addition to an aesthetic look that has already invented new classics, while never ceasing to experiment.
A Made in Italy product that is so authentic and painstakingly developed that it can be called Made in KLARCO.