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New Distribution Partnership with the REPA Group

Klarco is delighted to announce the new distribution partnership with the REPA Group to expand European availablity


TRAVELERS REST, S.C. and SAN QUIRINO, ITALY – January 24, 2023 – Klarco, a T&S Brass company, has partnered with European distributor REPA Group to expand the availability of Klarco products in the European marketplace.


The REPA Group, with 12 international locations and more than 3,800 employees worldwide, is a leading distributor of spare parts for commercial kitchens in Europe. REPA Group was recently acquired by PT Holdings.


The partnership will immediately increase the number of Klarco products available in the market and ensure quick ship times with REPA Group’s capabilities.


Partnering with REPA Group will enhance our customer service and ensure quick and efficient deliveries,” said Nikolai Hinzer, Klarco Head of Sales for Europe. “With REPA Group’s high storage capacity and automated logistic process, this is the perfect pairing to provide our customers with expanded availability.”


About REPA The Spare Parts Group

REPA Group is a leading Group of European spare parts distributors and part of the PT Holdings family, which also includes Parts Town, First Choice Group and the Red Lightning Group. With several automated warehouses world-wide, 12 international locations and over 3,800 employees our Group is dedicated to a quick and efficient delivery of quality spare parts world-wide. Members of the REPA Group are GEV (Germany), LF (Italy), EPGC (France), ATEL (Italy) and CCS (UK).