Water immediately and everywhere thanks to an innovative solution

Easykits is a small, compact device designed to make water available wherever there is a professional kitchen and food is being processed. Consisting of a hose with spray valve and a bracket for wall mounting, it is ergonomically designed to make operation as easy as possible.

Developed as an oven cleaning accessory, Easykits also finds many uses in other areas, including, for example: fish counters, food display counters, food preparation counters, grills, griddles and as an under-sink accessory. Another interesting area of use is animal care.

Easykits comes in several models and in different materials, chrome-plated/coated brass, stainless steel, plastic, lever or push-button operation, and water dispensing modes with 'shower' and 'single' spray. The materials from which it is made meet the strictest hygiene requirements.