Wall-mount hose reels of the K-Reel line are dedicated to washing spaces and equipment in professional kitchens.

The K-Reel line of automatic hose reels is specifically designed for washing spaces and equipment in professional kitchens and food processing and storage environments. The goal achieved is to combine the highest degree of hygiene with reliability, the latter ensured by the functionality and solidity of the mechanical parts.

The hoses are of various lengths (up to 20 metres), designed for different room sizes. Once pulled out, they can be locked at regular intervals by an automatic device, thus making cleaning operations more convenient. At the end of use, the hoses automatically rewind into the AISI 304 stainless steel casing (suitable for food contact), hygienically preserving them from contact with the outside and minimising their size.

K-Reel is available in 3 versions

Maxireel - designed, as the name suggests, for cleaning large rooms.

Midireel - the ideal solution for washing and rinsing smaller spaces or where many people work at the same time.

Minireel - a pop-up spray valve with automatic hose reel, designed to integrate into professional ovens but can also be installed under a table or under a sink. It is characterised by a high level of customisation: there are only 2 standard models in the catalogue, the remainder of the production is tailor-made for each individual customer.