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Certified quality
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hygiene and safety

To us quality is a fact. Our task is to meet customers' needs in the best possible way providing reliable products made from selected and certified materials, as they must be used in areas where hygiene and safety are essential.
Klarco | Quality and certifications
Klarco | Quality and certifications
Klarco | Quality and certifications
Klarco | Quality and certifications
Hygiene tests have recently been carried out on metal and plastic materials that come into contact with water in our faucets and pre-rinse units. Our goal by 2024 is to receive full DVGW certification for all catalogue products of the Europ line.

To check the conformity of plastics, rubbers and metals that come into contact with drinking water, components are tested one by one before storage and processing with an ionising radiation gun. In addition to that, the same tests are performed on the components we receive.

Our commitment to certified quality is always there.

Additional tests have been carried out, including mechanical tests, surface tests for chrome plating, noise tests and flow tests to provide fully DVGW-compliant products in the future.

Aware that Klarco is among the major players in the European market, we are working to ensure our customers excellent quality products that comply with sustainability principles in terms of materials and production processes.

The DVGW Hygiene certification covers all our product lines as EUROP, STYL and SHRINK faucets and pre-rinse units have obtained it. Compliance of the components with German standards is tested every year.
The entire production cycle is tracked and our suppliers provide us with excellent traceable materials.

Green manufacturing processes are used. The trivalent chrome plating which Klarco has been using since 2008 has lower environmental impact than standard hexavalent chrome.
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Klarco | Quality and certifications