Target for 2024:
full DVGW certification for our Europ line

Our commitment to quality translates into clear choices: this is why we have decided to embark upon a journey to obtain full DVGW certification for our Europ line.
Klarco | DVGW
Klarco | DVGW
DVGW stands for "DeutscherVerein des Gas und Wasserfaches", the German Technical and Scientific Association that is the largest certification body for gas and water in Europe.

DVGW sets the standards for water and gas distribution in Germany. It is in charge of quality tests and trials and is responsible for issuing certificates that are valid for Germany and important for other European countries.

The main objective of DVGW activities is to avoid any safety, hygiene or environmental problems for certified products and companies.
Quality of materials We select high quality materials through a careful research process, traced and produced in Europe. Our suppliers are ISO9001 certified.
Product tracking The entire production process and supply chain features a complex tracking system of materials, processes and procedures.
Durable performance We select robust and reliable materials that guarantee our faucets and pre-rinse units high performance and durability.
Process sustainability Since 2008 we have been using a trivalent chromium plating process, which has a lower environmental impact than hexavalent chromium and contributes to a healthier working environment. We adopt solid sludge disposal and water recycling solutions that respect the environment and its resources.
Guaranteed tests Every year, we subject our products to mechanical and hydraulic testing, noise, flow, leakage and passivation tests at accredited laboratories for the renewal of the DVGW Hygiene certificate.

The steps to obtain
the DVGW certification

As requested by many Northern European customers, Klarco has started the process to obtain the DVGW HYGIENE certification, the only one required to be KTW-BWGL (UBA) compliant.
DVGW introduces the new rules and standards required for full product certification.
We have obtained the DVGW HYGIENE certification for the components that come into contact with drinking water for all our faucets and pre-rinse units lines: Styl, Europ and Shrink.
All the necessary tests have been made for the annual renewal of the HYGIENE certification. At the same time, the journey to obtain full DVGW certification continues.
Klarco | DVGW logo
Target: to obtain full DVGW product certification for the items of our Europ line.